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Aspects of AJAX: Engine and Samples Download

Now downloading: AJAX.zip.

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This Zip files includes the latest stable version of the core parts of the AJAX Engine and also a lot of samples and documentation.

Other downloads:

Newest version download

The newest version of the AJAX Engine can be found at Start_AJAX_new.aspx. Use this download If you want to experiment with the Engine or if you want to have a look for the newest additions and features.

Partial download

An additional download file that includes only the core parts of the AJAX Engine can be found at Start_AJAXEngine.aspx. Use this download if you only need the core parts of the AJAX Engine or if you want to update your existing project with the newer versions of all the core files.

The AJAX Engine for the Java platform

This AJAX Engine started in 2005 for the ASP.NET 2.0 platform and is partly also available for JAVA at Start_AJAXEngine_Java.aspx.

This Engine can be ported very easily because it relies on web standards that are available on many platforms and in many languages.

Please contact me via my blog and let me know how you find this work - and what you miss.

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